From The CEO

Hey Ground Support Industry, 

How was the summer? With kids back in school that’s a sign of colder things to come here in Minnesota. It also means you should be close to finalizing those purchasing budgets for 2023. If you’re on the fence about any, make sure you stop by our booth at GSE 2023 before you commit. We will have the latest and greatest of what is to come from Stinar in 2024!

Someone asked me “How much can you really innovate passenger stairs or lavatory and potable water trucks?” In today’s world, the answer is simple, add technology. However, we all know that technology does not always work better than a human operator. With that being said, there are ways to make ground support maintenance and equipment operator’s jobs easier. At Stinar, one decision we made was to design cleaner looking units with ease of operation and maintenance. As you all know, time is money and if your equipment is in the shop or you’re down a team member that 45-minute turn and burn is a lot harder to achieve. The delayed passengers may never know the ground support crew is the reason for the held-up plane and blame the airline, but we all know what flows downhill. Seems the airlines cause their own issues by continuously leaning on the ground support provider as a place to cut costs. Karma? What fascinates me in this industry is the desire to get a ground support contract by submitting the lowest bid using low paid labor and subpar equipment that is not supported by the distributor or the manufacturer. Well at Stinar we build great products, provide an industry-leading 3-year warranty, and will train your people on our equipment so your budget dollars are protected from being wasted. 

You know “total cost of ownership” not only applies to the equipment, it applies to the user as well. I will personally be at GSE 2023 in the Stinar booth #2241, so stop by and introduce yourself. To me all networking is, is making friends.

Talk soon. Craig Kruckeberg | CEO / CVO

Craig K