Kruckeberg Industries focuses on ventures within the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket parts industry. The company can also serve as an incubator or platform for consulting and development of a unique start-up, venture, and mature companies. Those companies include:

Kruckeberg Industries
Kruckeberg Industries: A commercial real estate investment concern. This company maintains and leases multiple commercial real estate campuses in southeast Minnesota, concentrated in the Blooming Prairie Minnesota area.
Stinar : Minimizer’s management company, Kruckeberg Industries, is expanding its manufacturing base via an agreement with Stinar Corporation, a leading Minnesota manufacturer.
Spray Control Systems, Inc. dba Minimizer: Minimizer manufactures poly truck fenders, poly toolboxes, custom floor mats, custom mud flaps and truck accessories. Minimizer uses durable materials and proprietary processes to build long lasting products that are tough enough to please people in a tough industry.
Kruckeberg Motorsports:: Racing is a platform to show how product durability and reliability in extreme racing conditions can deliver podium finishes safely and successfully.
Minimizer Racing
Bandit Series: The Bandit Big Rig Series racing events represent the grass roots of the trucking industry. It’s entertainment for the entire family as the big rig tractor trucks take to the short track.
lees liquor lounge
Lee’s Liquor Lounge: Lee’s Liquor Lounge is the local corner bar with a retro vibe, straight-up cocktails and a robust calendar of live music.
KIK Graphics
KIK Marketing: A large format, digital printer located in Blooming Prairie, MN. The company focuses on the trailer, truck, and parts distributor market segments. KIK Marketing provides a reasonable cost distributor option to the heavy-duty truck parts market for putting large format graphics on trucks and trailers.
Kruckeberg Charity Auctions
Kruckeberg Charity Auctions: After attending and graduating from auctioneer school, Craig now runs charitable auction events. This combines two passions of his: business and the opportunity to give back.
Incognito’s: A development-stage, members-only lounge.