From The CEO

Hello Ground Support world,

I hope all is going well as we head into the depths of winter. I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that lives in a climate where water freezes, make sure your team plugs in the lavatory and potable water equipment or that hangar space is available for the elements ahead. We have learned over the years that pump manufacturers don’t cover frozen pumps under warranty. God knows most of us have tried lol!

We were recently notified by RAM and Ford that since the strike is over we have more chassis on the lot and inbound. Stinar will be fully stocked with Ford F550s and RAM 5500s for your next truck equipment build. Like I always say, we don’t sell equipment we sell build slots, and with chassis rolling in, we are able to build even sooner. What kind of needs do you have coming up in the next 3 months? Don’t wait until the last minute, call your Accounting department and ask them what’s coming off the deprecation list this year or next and get ahead of your needs. Stinar is ready to build new equipment for you!

Pricing is always at the forefront of purchasing conversations and someone asked why we use an expensive OEM chassis and not a simple self-propelled unit?

Here’s your answer:

  • 5+ year warranty
  • Engine parts available at any nearby parts store
  • Peace of mind knowing the chassis is always going to start
  • Right specs for upfitting equipment

The list goes on and on.

Stinar has units in the GSE world over 35 years old. The combination of an OEM chassis and a quality (hand-built) Stinar unit that are still doing what they were purchased to do. WORK!

Thanks everyone for taking the time and if you want to talk about equipment feel free to reach out. Craig Kruckeberg | CEO / CVO

Craig K