Craig Kruckeberg

Craig Kruckeberg

Craig Kruckeberg, an experienced and successful businessperson, clearly defines what branding and marketing are in no uncertain terms. He explains to readers ways to use brands for effective financial tracking. There is also a close-up examination of work ethic becoming part of a company’s brand and how to use brands effectively to widen target markets.

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Craig Kruckeberg was born to two serial entrepreneurs, Dick and Lorraine Kruckeberg. He grew up in a town of two thousand people and after High School went off and got his then-girlfriend pregnant and did a stint of nine months at a cooking school.

Five years later, he came back and went to work for his parents at a company they had started while he was off living his life (story in his book) and after a few years, bought it from his parents and grew it into a thirty-five million dollar a year company. Twelve years later, he sold it to a private equity for twenty-five times what he paid his parents for it.

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If Success Comes Overnight You’re Going To Jail!

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Down in the dirt book on Marketing and Business

In his straightforward and over-the-top style, Craig Kruckeberg has written his current professional autobiography. Kruckeberg, who has taken his family company from a gross revenue of $2 million annually to over $30 million annually through strategic and blatant branding and marketing techniques. He shares his knowledge and offers suggestions for company owners and entrepreneurs. He clearly and thoroughly explains how to put branding and marketing to work.

He balances new, classic and edgy lessons about branding and marketing with humor, provocative quotes and personal anecdotes that keeps readers learning and laughing from the first page to the last.

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“Inside these pages is invaluable information on how to create or rebrand your company”

- Kevin Burkart

President of Gentlemen Scholar Ventures, a Marketing Agency

“Craig, I just finished reading your book and I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED it. I learned so much and I loved how you got right to the point. It was amazing to hear your story. I am truly inspired by how you kept pushing to go the extra mile to make a product that was actually good and not just what made the most money. Your life is a never-ending story of opportunities turned successes (and a few not so successful outcomes which turned to lessons) because of your passion and perseverance. It is inspiring. Thank you so much for letting me read a copy before it was published! it was AMAZING!”

- Baylee Sorensen

Special Engagements

Craig will explain ways to use brands for effective financial tracking, go over a close-up examination of work ethic becoming part of a company’s brand and how to use brands effectively to widen target markets.

Kruckeberg capitalizes on our time of digital capabilities and social media and explains how and why other companies are right to follow this trend.

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