Hey Ground Support Industry,

So are you ready? We are rolling into the favorite time of year for SOME!

Those that go south for the winter, LOL. A bunch of things are happening over the next few weeks as I write this. GSE in Vegas should be over by the time you read this, maybe some of you will have had a sampling of snow, and 2024 budgets should be darn near done. Do you have your equipment winterized?

As you may have seen at the International GSE Expo 2023, Stinar had an amazing presence! One of the many things we were proud to display was the Wiseman Aviation decal wrap on our SPS-3518 passenger stairs. I have spent 33 years in manufacturing and my favorite part has always been the innovation and the marketing. Yes, I know manufacturers are not the best at marketing, but I truly believe in it (so much so I wrote a book on the subject).

Drives me crazy that all I see on the white ground support equipment is a small company logo and the product designation such as potable water or lavatory services in bold black letters. I understand some of you may not feel the need to promote your company on the tarmac since the passengers on the planes are probably not your customers, and the customers who are potentially already know you. Some may not like the notoriety, like on the back of tractor trailers, “How’s my driving? 1-800-xxx-xxxx”. True on all accounts, but there is more to promoting your company and your brand. The passengers on the plane may be staring out the window looking for a career change.

Let’s be honest, everyone thinks it’s cool to work around planes. A custom decal wrap makes your equipment stand out, classes it up. It’s also a great opportunity to promote your partners in and outside the industry like a rolling billboard. OR it’s pure pride for your company, your employees and you. I had a buddy with an employee who tattooed the company logo on his arm because he had just as much passion for the company as the owner did. Of course, my buddy didn’t have the heart to tell the employee that they were thinking about updating the logo… well, that was at least 10 years ago and the logo is still the same! Some may ask, do you have the Stinar logo tattooed on your arm? Well, Stinar is not the only company I’m proud to be a part of, I’ve had so many in the past I’d be tattooing my back by now. The only tat I have is my wife’s name inside a heart (yeah I am that guy, and yeah I know NEVER put their name on you in case, well you know… ). 

Just like I have made a commitment to the ground support industry and Stinar, that’s my commitment to her.

If you’re interested in the book just reach out, all I ask is a small donation to one of my two favorite charities. Now seriously, GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!!!

Talk soon. Craig Kruckeberg | CEO / CVO

Craig K